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Nano Liquid Glass Protection X2

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Diamond Shield is a nano liquid glass screen protector produce in nano-technology by the best chemists in Germany, the product main goals are to provide smartphone screen, glasses, sunglasses wristwatch and other products based on glass an hydrophobic high (rejection of fluids) and imparting strength grade H9 (one degree before the degree of diamond strength! ) and thereby provide optimal protection glass against scratches and impact.

Order 3 pack of Diamond Shield Nano protector

מבחן שריטות דימונד שילד


100% Bubble Free Screen & Device Protector


Award winning Nanotechnology
Anti-bacterial Safe,
natural & Eco friendly
H9 hardness

600% Harder than

traditional screen

 The Best Protection for your Valuables:

nano protector for smartphones nano protector for watches nano protector for glasses nano protector for monitor screen nano protector for camera nano protector for screens nano protector for tv screen nano protector for tablets 
Compatible and tested for all:
Mobile phones * TV & Monitors * Tablets & e-book readers * Laptop & Desktop computers * Video game consoles * SatNav systems * Cameras * Glasses & Sunglasses * Hand Watch

Reduces up tp 99.9% Bacteria
Reduces up to 99.9% Bacteria

  • Easy to apply by anybody!
  • Giving a perfect result every time!
  • No bubbles, no wrong positioning, no glue stains!
  • Protection against abrasion and scratches
  • Anti-static with an invisible but glossy finish
  • Reduces finger marks and smudges
  • Improves clarity and brilliance
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Resistant to both acid and alkaline
  • Water and oil repellent 
  • Dirt & dust repellent surface
  • Preserves touch screen sensitivity
  • 99.9% bacteria free

The diamond shield pack includes:

1 Alcohol wipe in sachet A.

1 Nano coating wipe in sachet B

1 Microfiber cloth for cleaning

Diamond Shield wipe contains transparent liquid glass even after coating it’s invisible.

1 wipe can protect 3 smartphones or one tablet device.

The nano liquid glass is 500 times smaller than a human hair, it cannot Peeling, biodegradable or scratched.

הוראות שימוש במגן מסך נוזלי ננו

Step 1 -
Clean the entire device with the wipe in sachet A.


Step 2 -
Apply Diamond Shield to the entire device with the wipe in sachet B.

CStep 3 -
Allow the device to dry for at least 5 minutes.
Device will show signs of smearing when drying.



Step 4 -

Clean your device with the microfiber cloth


*Please read the full instructions inside before applying the application.

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