NANO Fabric Coating 50ml


NANO Fabric Coating 50ml

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A​ single aluminum spray bottle​,​ contains ​50​ml of ​nano liquid​ glass.
The product main goals are to protect fabrics and textiles surfaces from dirt and stains and to create an hydrophobic invisible coating.​ It’s very easy to apply and will protect the surface for up to 1 year before re-application needed. For optimum coating, the surface being protected must be clean and has no existing coatings such as starch or detergent.

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100% Protection to your Sofa, Car seats, Curtains, Rugs and personal items!


Award winning Nanotechnology
natural & Eco friendly
 The Best Protection for your Valuables:

long sofa polo shirt sport shoe transport buildings   
Compatible and tested for all:
Sofa * Curtains * Rugs * Clothing * Car Seats * Shoes and more...

  • Easy to apply by anybody!
  • Giving a perfect result every time!
  • Water and oil repellent 
  • Dirt & dust repellent surface

The Diamond Shield Contain:

50ml spray bottle allow you to coat 2 pairs of shoes or other similar in size items.

How long the protection last?
About a year but depands on the fabric abrasion, means if you coat football shoes it will have agressive abrasion
and the coating will last a week.

*Please read the full instructions on the bottle before applying the application.

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